Culturally Diverse Places To Stay In Denver, Colorado

If you are planning to settle down in Colorado, here are some places that are culturally most diverse as well as provide safe neighborhoods that can help make any new families, couples or singles welcome.

Colfax Avenue is an area that is popular and lies in the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area. Located by US Highway 40, it is one of the principal highways of the state and this local street system lies close to these roadways. This avenue itself comprises of 15 blocks; the street was initially named after Schuyler Colfax who was a 19th-century politician. There are several aspects of this avenue that make it distinct. For instance, it comprises of the historic core of the city which is the original Auraria. It also skirts alongside the downtown area of Denver.

East Colfax is the other neighborhood in Denver that you could consider for staying. It is rated well for neighborhood security, amenities, and facilities available, diverse accommodation options as well as the availability of schools.

Gateway in Green Valley Ranch, another neighborhood in Denver, is a highly recommended place for most people to stay. This area has great schools, lots of opportunities for activities in places like Denver Zoo, Denver Public Library, recreational or sports parks, golf club and others. There are several job opportunities as well as safe neighborhoods that make this place ideal for new families.

Northeast Park Hill is another place to stay that is recommended for its cultural diversity. Even though the area has existed for long, the friendly and family oriented place is great for a safe haven for families to be raised and even for elderly people to settle in.

Aurora is your next choice, close to Denver that also has great neighborhoods for families to settle in. With a warm and friendly vibe, the area offers a diverse community where people reach out to each other and create a warm, social environment for all who come here to settle.

Other places that one can consider for staying at are Clayton which is graded high for its diverse communities as well as good facilities such as schools and other amenities. Skyland is another option in Denver that is rated similar to Clayton in terms of cultural diversity. Windsor is another attractive option in Denver which has countless parks, secure neighborhoods, and great schools.

When you are looking to settle in a culturally diverse place in Colorado, neighborhoods in and around Denver are good places to start. One can compare the different neighborhoods as per their geographic location, amenities they offer, real estate prices and choices and other aspects. These points can help one to know which area would be ideal for them.

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